The build command:

bin/console stenope:build [options] [--] [<buildDir>]

Building into a specific directory

Use the buildDir argument:

bin/console stenope:build ./static


Option Description What should be used as domain name for absolute url generation?
--base-url=/Stenope What should be used as base-url for absolute url generation?
--scheme=https What should be used as scheme for absolute url generation?
--no-sitemap Don't build the sitemap
--no-expose Don't expose the public directory
--ignore-content-not-found Ignore content not found errors


There is a command to list, filter, sort out and display content managed by Stenope:

bin/console debug:stenope:content [options] [--] <class> [<id>]


bin/console debug:stenope:content "App\Model\Article" --filter='not _.outdated' --filter='contains(_.slug, "symfony")' --order="desc:publishedAt"
bin/console debug:stenope:content "App\Model\Author" ogi

Use --help for more details and usage samples.

Common queries

You can register common queries using PHP 8 attributes:

namespace App\Model;

use Stenope\Bundle\Attribute\SuggestedDebugQuery;

#[SuggestedDebugQuery('Scheduled', filters: 'not _.isPublished()', orders: 'desc:date')]
#[SuggestedDebugQuery('Outdated', filters: '_.outdated', orders: 'desc:date')]
#[SuggestedDebugQuery('Written in english', filters: '_.lang == "en"', orders: 'desc:date')]
#[SuggestedDebugQuery('By author', filters: "'tjarrand' in keys(_.authors)", orders: 'desc:date')]
#[SuggestedDebugQuery('By tag', filters: "'symfony' in _.tags", orders: 'desc:date')]
#[SuggestedDebugQuery('Matching slug', filters: "_.slug matches '/symfony/'", orders: 'desc:date')]
class Article
    // ...

These queries will be suggested when using the debug CLI command:


and you'll be asked to choose one by using the --suggest option.